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Voicecamp, our accelerator for early stage companies building voice-based products, ended in June 2017. Betaworks was joined by co-investors Lightspeed Venture Partners, Launch Capital, and GGV Capital. GE, the Google Assistant, Gunderson Dettmer, and L’Oreal USA were program partners.

The program followed 2016’s botcamp, betaworks’ first accelerator program, which brought together eight founding teams working on conversational interfaces and chatbots. Similarly, voicecamp was designed to support early-stage companies working at the forefront of voice-controlled conversational software, including applications for emerging platforms such as the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, other native voice apps, and enabling software or hardware technologies.

Voice-based computing represents the evolution of conversational interfaces to a more natural and frictionless end user experience. In addition, as computers become more seamlessly installed into our daily lives, in connected homes, in automobiles, and in various wearable and augmenting devices, voice-based interfaces will become a staple of human-computer interaction.

The above mentioned partners were joined by leading players in the ecosystem as mentors to help the development of participating companies. Those included tech platforms such as Amazon, Microsoft, Slack, SoundHound, and IBM. Venture capitalists like Greylock, Benchmark, KPCB, Bessemer, Homebrew, ENIAC, NextView, SV Angel, and LocalGlobe. Related startups like Anchor, Gimlet, IFTTT, and Voicelabs. And media companies like The Guardian, The New York Times, WNYC, and Quartz.

What is voicecamp?

Voicecamp is an eleven-week program for a select group of builders that began on April 17, 2017 and concluded June 30, 2017. During that time, participating companies worked with betaworks and leading thinkers on conversational interfaces, verbal computing, and AI. The betaworks team, along with industry partners, work with the teams on product, platform integration, data science, branding, and fundraising.

The Deal

8% of common stock in each company is allocated to betaworks. A $200,000 uncapped, SAFE note with a 25% discount is offered to all voicecamp companies. Each company selected into voicecamp gets:

  • Eleven weeks of programming at betaworks in New York City with optional office space for 1-2 cofounders.
  • Hands-on guidance from the betaworks team in areas such as product, platform integration, data science, branding, and fundraising.
  • Sessions on various aspects of building your company from user acquisition to NLU toolkits by the people who are building those platforms and tools.
  • Access to our early adopter network, openbeta.
  • Speakers from the top platforms supporting verbal computing
  • Work with mentors from VC funds actively investing in the category
  • Promotional credits from vendors such as AWS, Digital Ocean, Twilio, Azure, SVB, etc.

Next camp?

We will open applications for livecamp, our upcoming program focused on the intersection of live streaming and audience participation soon. Please reach out to for questions or more information.

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