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livecamp is an 11 week in-residence program at betaworks starting in September 2018, and focused on the intersection of live streaming and audience participation--everything from esports to HQ to Peloton.

Online applications for livecamp are now open.

The Story

Starting in 2016, betaworks has run thematically-driven accelerators focused on emerging technologies and interfaces. Themes have included conversational interfaces and chatbots (botcamp- summer 2016), voice-based applications and services (voicecamp- spring 2017), and computer vision/augmented reality (visioncamp- winter 2018).

Tying these themes together is a conviction that, as computing becomes more ubiquitous, the best software will deliver experiences that are more conversational, more ambient, more frictionless, and more context-aware, whether textual, audio or visual.

The rapid adoption of these new modes of input has unlocked new user behaviors--particularly around synchronous experiences--that we are excited to explore. What happens when an audience can affect the outcome of a livestream event? Can new forms of interactive audience participation change the way we watch esports/TV/sports/live events? What happens when entertainment, fitness, shopping, education, and more become both live and interactive?

Betaworks has been building and investing in companies operating in the entertainment and communication space for years. By gathering small groups of hyper-related companies in a concentrated and tailored program, we provide a unique setting to help accelerate both individual companies and the emerging ecosystems around these frontier technologies and emerging user behaviors.

The Deal

8% of common stock in each company is allocated to betaworks. A $200,000 uncapped, SAFE note with a 25% discount is offered to all livecamp companies. Each company selected into livecamp gets:

  • Eleven weeks in residence at betaworks in New York City with optional office space for 1-2 cofounders.
  • Hands-on guidance from the betaworks team in areas such as product, platform integration, data science, branding, and fundraising.
  • Sessions on various aspects of building your company from user acquisition to interactivity/streaming toolkits by the people who are building those platforms and tools.
  • Access to our early adopter network, openbeta.
  • Speakers from the top platforms supporting live experiences.
  • Work with mentors from VC funds actively investing in the category.
  • Promotional credits from vendors such as AWS, Digital Ocean, Twilio, Azure, SVB, etc.

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