We make seed investments in great people and companies -- at the intersection of media and technology, in companies that fit our thesis and will make our network stronger.

Typically our seed investments are $250k and we are among the first to invest. For example we were one of the earliest investors in Tumblr, in Kickstarter, in Tweetdeck and more recently in Product Hunt, Medium, Howdy, Slash Keyboard and Gimlet Media. We have made a number of investments in the Bot and Chat space through our first accelerator camp; Botcamp

As our names suggests, we like betas -- we prefer prototypes to decks. If you have something great we’d love to speak with you. Contact the fund team here.

See full list of betaworks investments

We’re excited to launch our first accelerator camp this summer focusing on the messaging interface and surrounding area . More information about botcamp is available here.