Camp combines betaworks’ building and investing experience into thematic accelerator programs for startups in frontier technology. Camp themes reflect the areas on which we are most focused and evolve along with our investment theses.

Since the program's inception in 2016, we have run botcamp, voicecamp, and visioncamp. We are now accepting applications for livecamp, our upcoming program focused on the intersection of live streaming and audience participation.

Each camp consists of 11 weeks in-residence at betaworks to help early stage companies with product development, platform strategy, data science, branding, and fundraising. Entrepreneurs have access to betaworks teams and to a carefully curated group of industry leaders to assist with both general company-building needs and with topics specific to each theme. Each camp company receives pre-seed funding of $200k.

“Camp is a way for us to open up the betaworks studio on-demand for very early stage companies to provide help in areas from user acquisition and fundraising to data science and access to our early adopter network, openbeta. It will create network effects between the companies and various platforms.”

- Matt Hartman, betaworks

Applications for livecamp are now open!